• Elena K


Niluk began out of a simple discovery. Online social media platforms which made to make us feel more connected, are actually creating a counter movement which negitively impact some of the deepest foundations of our mental health.

During the past decade people began spending more and more time alone and behind a screen. At the same time something else began to happen amongst us... Burnout, stress, and weakened immunity, became more and more of a frequent topic amongst young adults who felt the growing socialty pressure that was ever visible within this new online world. ​ These correllating inbalances are also all symptoms of a new scientifically diagnosed epidemic, loneliness, which has only just begun, and crosses multiple generational barriers. And these studies are only the beginning, we have just started the journey uncovering the truth behind social isolation and the impact on our health. We believe the answer is simple. Get offline and back to the real world. ​ The team of Niluk is determined to find a better, simpler, solution. While we still believe in the power of technology to help us navigate beyond our physical boundaries, the app is engineered to keep you in this alternate universe as short as possible, in contrast to other networks which are designed to keep us addicted and on our phones. ​ This unique platform key features include unique new algorithms to pre-filter connections based on your common interests and proximity, and a lightweight UX to connect you to new members of your local community whether you are at home or in a new country. So everyone can reclaim their right to experience a feeling of belonging no matter where they are in the world.

Let us build new experiences, together.

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