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It will be a good year


in short: niluk goes research-mode with the University of Amsterdam (take part in it here), meet our fab new research interns isza & veronika, learn more on why we went into hibernation mode in 2020, and go to cool events in Amsterdam this weekend. Learn fun & cool stuff about friendships or discover new tunes and recipes. Got your own event, content idea, feedback or wanna partner up? Email us (

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we'd love your input! We would like to check in to see how you are currently doing and find new ways to improve NILUK. So, we partnered up with the Universiteit van Amsterdam to gain a deeper understanding of the pandemic on the overall health of young adults and how NILUK can help. So, don’t be shy! Take part in our survey here. It will only take 4 minutes. We will share our most important findings with you in the upcoming newsletters.


from a pandemic-induced hibernation mode (& multiple panic attacks) to rolling up our sleeves. It’s time to get that homework done. We've been working hard on our branding with ioanna & martin from Faith.Studio, and on the security of our app with Peep our new website too! #app

we’re striving to boost friendships. Offline, spontaneous, and based on similar interests. Why? Read all about it here and meet our team!But... our app is stiiiiiiiillll in beta 🤯. We are working hard on releasing NILUK in a fresh and crispy new look in the app stores mid-May 2021. Stay tuned! Are you our future test-bunny-to-be? Email or and simply say “I’M IN”. We’ll put you on that list!


is working from home getting to you? Zoom fatigue is real. Endless calls are sending our brains into chaos. If you are looking for some useful insights on how to tackle that impending sense of doom, here’s what you can do to look less at your screen and give that powerful brain of yours a break.

Another thing.

Did you know… there’s a little area of your brain that keeps a structured map - think of it as a social network - of the people around you based on how close you are to them?

It’s called the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC for short).

When you start to think about yourself, your friends, family members or even celebrities, different parts of the mPFC light up depending on how close you feel to them.

And, the closer you feel to somebody, the more the activation pattern resembles the same pattern of when you are thinking about yourSELF :) Check out the rest of the article here.


We’re growing! Meet our fab new interns

isza hanging out in amsterdam experiential omnivore, extroverted introvert, only child. Isza is half of the new research team at NILUK. She’s a do-it-all, hyper-focussed type of person who doesn’t drink coffee and goes to sleep at 11pm. Isza’s a mega-lover of true japanese food, and treats her knives like her babies.

veronika hanging out in amsterdam veronika is a psychology devotee and the second half of our research team, ready to help wherever she can. When she’s not working behind her laptop, she’s at the psych lab or unwinding in front of the tv with the real housewives. She also enjoys dystopian novels and deeply misses pre-covid parties.


Did you make a new friend this year? Found a cool new way to stay connected? The past year has brought on a shift in the dynamics of our friendships, so one of our partners, A City Made for People, spoke to four inspiring ladies about #friendship in the times of COVID-19. You can listen to the recorded talk here, we recommend it!


Here’s a playlist we made for you. It’s great for when you’re recuperating from your #zoomfatigue or for dancing around the kitchen to get your daily steps in.

Don’t know what to make for dinner with your best mates? These spicy beans will ignite your taste buds. Rather eat a whole cheesecake by yourself? We’ve done it, and got you covered. Maybe just a drink? Grab some of those delicious blood oranges from your neighborhood grocer and whip up some margaritas that will make you feel like you’re in the ultimate vacation-mode!

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Until next month.

Your friends at NILUK.

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