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Today is LAUNCH DAY 🍾☀️


in short: today is LAUNCH DAY 🍾☀️!

After three long years with a pandemic in between, we are finally launching our NILUK on the 2/6/2021 -- what a milestone!

We are so grateful to have all of you onboard and beyond excited to see where our NILUK journey takes us.

So let's get started! Make your event, share it, tag it.

Here's how:

go to open it on any device in your browser, no download required.

create your first event invite up to 20 people to drink some beers and skate in the park, guerrilla garden in your neighbourhood, or to get together to cook a vegan carbonara dinner. All you need to do is share the event link! ◦ form your SQUAD add new & old friends to your friend list with the invite link. Every time you're about to do something fun, they'll get a notification & email so they can easily join you. ◦ share your event on Instagram and tag us @nilukapp let others know what you're up to, get others involved, & meet new people! Every tagged story or post will be re-shared by us!

Let's dive into this together -

To many more years and many good friendships 🥂🍾

Stay connected.

With love,

Your friends at NILUK

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