In an instagrammable world oversaturated with fakeness,
we're interested in the real people out there – the expats, locals, introverts or extroverts – and empowering them to truly feel an abundant sense of belonging, anywhere.

elena köstler


hanging out in amsterdam

elena crowdfunded niluk in 2018, partner launched it with the city of amsterdam in 2019 and is still bootstrapping it till the very end. She can't do it without techno & surf, is a coffee addict, loves race bikes, spinning bikes and good bavarian beer.

robin roosdorp


hanging out in amsterdam

robin is part of niluk since 2019. she loves pitching & giving random people hugs at tech conferences. robin has the craziest & funniest ideas for niluk and can't stop talking about the mission. She has a rose tattooed, the worst hangovers and the biggest heart.

ronald nyakahuma


hanging out in uganda

ronald is the "tech guy" who lives through the ups and downs with us. next to project management, he is a magician - curing elena's tech related headaches. ronald is working for, has the nicest voice and stays always calm even when it's chaos!

isza parchini


hanging out in amsterdam

isza, experiential omnivore, extroverted introvert, only child. She is half of the new research team at niluk.  She's the do-it-all, hyperfocused type, who doesn’t drink coffee and sleeps at 11pm. Isza’s a fanatic for japanese food and she wouldn't be able to survive without her knives. 

quirine de la porte


hanging out in amsterdam

quirine likes to keep it efficient and professional. her designs are unbeatable. she knows what she wants, especially for niluk. her brain is UX/UI wired to perfection, she has a cat, the coolest earrings and fancy blond short hair. a real amsterdam girl.

veronika steinerova


hanging out in amsterdam

veronika is a psychology devotee and part of our research team, ready to help wherever she can. When she’s not working behind her laptop, she’s at the psych lab or unwinding in front of the tv with the real housewives. 
she also enjoys dystopian novels.

(software development)

hanging out in uganda & amsterdam

tunga is not a traditional software outsourcing platform. what tunga does is called "impact sourcing": the deployment of workers from low-employment areas into the processes of businesses worldwide either through outsourcing or by setting up remote or virtual teams using digital technology.


ink & faith studio
(branding & design)

hanging out in amsterdam & glasgow

ioanna (ink studio) & martin (faith studio) are one of a kind. An unbeatable duo that transforms your business idea into a coherent and unique brand language that will leave you speachless or emotionally overwhelmed or both. Thanks to both of them and their synced brains & hearts, niluk has the look and feel you can experience in the app today.


Are you our crash test dummy to be? Even though our app is still under construction, we’re giving exclusive access to those who can handle bumpy rides and help us improve the niluk experience. Feedback, or fun ideas for the app? Don't be shy and say hi! Drop us your ideas:


Demonstrator lab, Vrije Universiteit
De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, Netherlands